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Posting via email

Email content editing has an incredible future. Sounds retro but when you think that email from mobile phones/devices is much more viable than editing text in a web form on a 3 inch screen it becomes clear that email remains the Internet's killer app.

(And yes, I just finished developing our own email posting system hence the pre-occupation.)

No more ‘Internet’, it’s just ‘internet’ now…

Wired News the excellent online news source have always led the way with their style guide when it came to digital terminology. Was it 'email or 'e-mail'? They decided 'e-mail' and that was that.

For many years they always referred to the 'Internet'. I have always done the same and when people have tried to edit my capital Is down to i they have been pointed to Wired News. The Internet is a place for me and thus deserving of the capitalisation. But internet technologies are different and a capital is not needed.

The good times are over though, Wired News no longer capitalise the i in Internet. Perhaps this is only important to pedants, but for Wired News the Internet is now just another medium for communicating information, not a place. Well is one place where the Internet will remain lovingly capitalised.

Easter Hols

I’m off to Poland for a week to see my partner’s family. I’ll be offline during that time so have a peaceful Easter break and I’ll see you once I emerge from the email backlog at the end of next week.