My written work ranges from journalism, academic papers to fiction and has been published both on and offline. My papers and articles tend to focus on issues concerning e-government, e-democracy, e-voting and Free Software. My fiction has a tendency towards science-fiction, but not always!

Novel out now! “Hey Bulldog”

Latest e-voting article

May 2007 Election Report
Findings of the Open Rights Group Election Observation Mission in Scotland and England.

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My e-voting section has been updated with many articles which were only available elsewhere before

Latest e-democracy article

Online Consultation in a Democracy: Theory & Literature Review
A review of government consultations online, models of democracy and a review of literature on researching online consultations.

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Latest other paper or article

Open Source ID cards? [PDF]

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Latest Fiction

Novel out now! “Hey Bulldog”

Short story – The New Republics: Isis Crisis

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