Since having been elected to Brighton & Hove City Council I am no longer able to keep track of all my speaking commitments on this page, whenever possible I will try to promote them on my blog.

Appearances from 2007 and earlier:

  • E-voting: the last electoral revolution
    ICPS, Barcelona 5-6th October 2007. Brief report
  • Autumn Party Conferences 2007 – Open Rights Group fringe ‘Should we trust electronic elections?’
    16/9 LibDems in Brighton, 26/9 Labour in Bournemouth, 2/10 Tories in Blackpool.
    audio & video online
  • Open Rights Group May 2007 election report launch
    Royal Academy of Engineering, London, 20th June 2007
    audio & video online
  • Open Rights Group/FIPR e-voting events
    University College London, 6th & 8th February 2007
  • Election Information Websites: lessons from ‘Election Alarm Clock’ and ‘My Election’ pilots
    e-democracy ’06 16th November
    Reports from the session
  • Panel discussion on voter verifiable paper trails
    WOTE 2006
    University of Cambridge, 29th June 2006
  • E-Voting: Policy and Practice
    IPPR/NMK event
    London, 4th November 2004
  • Motivation versus capability: Examining the introduction of electronic voting into the UK
    4S-EASST: Public Proofs – Science, Technology and Democracy
    Paris, France 25th-28th August 2004
  • Voter Verifiability: The Elevator Pitch
    Electronic Voting in Europe, ESF Workshop
    Lochau/Bregenz, Austria 7th-9th July 2004
  • Open Source & e-democracy
    Major Cities of Europe IT Users’ Group
    Gothenburg, Sweden 9th June 2004
  • The Sunday Hour
    RTE Radio 1
    Dublin (by phone) 29th February 2004
  • Electronic voting and democracy – an oxymoron?
    Centre for Public Communication Research at the University of Bournemouth
    Bournemouth 10th November 2003
  • Open Source and Democracy
    Government Computing Scotland
    Edinburgh 5th November 2003
  • The Role of the Internet in a Local Political Party
    e-mint, the community manager’s association
    London 14th August 2003
  • Scratching an Itch – What they don’t tell you about developing Free Software
    LinuxUser & Developer Conference
    Birmingham 25th June 2003
  • This house has confidence voting via the Internet
    Oxford Union/Oxford Internet Institute Debate
    Oxford 23rd June 2003
  • Internet Voting: Fool’s Gold?
    Cambridge Computer Science Laboratory Security Seminar
    Cambridge 7th May 2002

I no longer am able to keep up with tracking media coverage, so this page is more of an aide memoire for me than a useful current resource!

Older Appearances
Electronic Voting, comments by Richard Allan MP
How George W. Bush Won the 2004 Presidential Election

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Does the UK need e-voting?

eGov Monitor:
Indistinguishable from magic? The Oxford e-Voting debate

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New voting methods ‘increase turnout’
Scientists questions electronic voting.

Baltimore City Paper:
Future Vote 2002-12-11/feature.html
Voting into the Void

The Inquirer:
Voters in, garbage out
http:// article=5836

The Independent:
Electrical Register

Free vote: Would you trust a closed-source election?

The Register:
The Microsoft Government Portal explained

Need To Know (NTK):
While we whine and gripe, others go off and do…

Yorkshire Post:
Internet Voting “could be only five years away.”

The Argus:
Online voting on Jason’s manifesto

Wired News:
Microsoft Monopolizes U.K Gov’t Site
http:/ /,1367,44186,00.html

New version of Free Software e-voting system released

Slashback: Election, Election, Election

Open source voting solution already in the works

Info page free/

FREE e-democracy project develops on Macs
http:/ /

Binary Freedom:
A vote for freedom

FREE one of two official e-democracy projects
e-Lections And i-Voting column/monitor/BYT20001117S0010

The Bell:
Jason Kitcat joins editorial board [ I’ve had several articles/letters published too]
http:/ /

Montana ITC:
Promoting the development of Information Technology Services in the State of Montana, USA