OII/OU e-voting debate

The Oxford Internet Institute/Oxford Union debate held on the 23rd June was the first debate ever to be webcast from the hallowed Oxford
Union debating chamber. Hosting the debate was Professor Stephen Coleman while proposing the motion was Jim Adler, CEO of e-voting supplier
VoteHere and speaking against the motion was Jason Kitcat, founder and coordinator of the free e-democracy project. Also present were Richard
Allan MP, the Liberal Democrat’s IT spokesman and Dr David Butler, Emeritus Fellow at Nuffield College and the country’s leading elections expert.
The audience included representatives from election.com (now Accenture e-democracy services), Bob Watt an authority on electoral law from the
University of Essex along with representatives from the media. More information about the event is available on the previous news items of our home

Listen to the debate:

Thanks to Ania Jawoszek at the University of Lancaster we have this audio version of the debate recorded off the live Windows Media stream with a
digital dictaphone. This sound file has been converted from the proprietary Sony format via AIFF to MPEG-4 AAC so the quality is a little ropey,
however all of the debate except part of the initial introduction is audible. The file is a Quicktime MPEG-4 Audio AAC at 16 bits weighing in at
54.7Mb – you will probably need the free Quicktime player from Apple to listen.