notes from JK

Until September my sweet friend

Ben & Jerry X-Ray love

It has come to this I'm afraid… My wife has lost her pregnancy weight and I'm still flabby. My best suits don't fit anymore… and I have two weddings to attend this summer.

Yes it's time for radical, immediate action. With immediate notice I'm giving up all ice cream, ice cream derivatives and substitutes until my birthday, 14th September. At that point I will enjoy only in moderation with appropriate supervision.

Given the heat we're feeling in Brighton these days I know this will pose a serious challenge. I'm a big (yes, yes) Ben & Jerry's fan… I love the history of the company and I adore their creamy, chunky delights. I've had a history of eating a 500ml tub in one sitting. Let me report that I've now got this guzzling down to only a half-tub. Given the fat in just 100g of BJ goodies this is still very much not good.

The last few days I've been resisting all frozen temptations but today has been a real struggle. So before I cracked I decided to make it into a bit more of a definable journey instead of just 'resist, resist, must resist… oh sweet sweet ice cream, I still love you (then inaudible as face disappears into tub)'

Ben & Jerry wich

My last dance with Ben & Jerry was their scarily moreish 'Wich – How the biscuit bit stays soft and chewy even though it's frozen, I don't want to know. It's all goooood. Probably best if I don't think about that too much.

So that's the plan. No ice cream until mid-September. I'll let you know what happens. I think my wife knows what to buy me for my birthday.