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Unfurling my Green Party flag

Now that my work observing the May 2007 elections is done, I can look forward to what the future will bring.

I still have a number of committments relating to my ORG work, specifically speaking at the main party conferences and at an e-voting workshop. However it was the election observation work itself that required my maintaining strict political neutrality.

Now that the obersvation is over and our report has been published, I can return to party politics. I'm a passionate member of the Green Party and believe we're entering a critical time for Green politics and the Green agenda as a whole.

So I've decided to put myself forward for the South East region European Parliamentary list. The regional Green Party will be having hustings and a vote over the next couple of months at the end of which I hope to be high up our list. There are so many issues I care deeply about ranging from transport policy to peace and human rights to organic farming and slow food. Now that I'm free to speak and committing more time to political life, I'm keen to do more writing about these topics, online of course!

Looking around the web many people opt for maintaining lots of different blogs. I can see how this might be easier as it lets you keep various topics in their own silos. But I've learnt, the hard way, how much energy it takes keeping many different sites running. So, rather than set something new up, I have re-organised this site to simplify and make space for some more political posts. (Details on changes to the site at the end of this post) I'm also very excited that in Brighton Pavilion constituency my local Green Party have already conducted our candidate selection and the extremely impressive Caroline Lucas MEP has been picked in the Greenest constituency in the land.

It's now or never for making a difference that will protect our planet for future generations. I'm getting stuck in…

Changes to the site

For existing readers a few pointers on blog category changes:

Additionally I have decided to stop allowing comments to be posted against blog posts, however all existing non-spam comments will be kept online. This is nothing to do with spam however. I've just found that comments just aren't really very useful. I'm decreasingly inclined to read them on other sites and anyone can reply to a blog post in their own blog (which are free and easy to setup) or by email. So adieu comments, John Gruber sums up my view:

No, I don’t have comments, but if you write something smart about something I wrote, there’s a good chance I’ll link to it.