e-democracy’06: More information

This page provides links with additional information about the projects discussed in the session “Election Information Websites: lessons from ‘Election Alarm Clock’ and ‘My Election’ pilots” at e-democracy’06.

Summary information sheet [PDF]
Brief information about both projects.

Summary of session proceedings [PDF]
Read the presentations and discussions that followed.

Election Alarm Clock

The site: http://www.electionalarmclock.com/lambeth

Project partners: London Borough of Lambeth, The Electoral Commission, Delib

Report: Full Project Evaluation Report [PDF]

Conducted and written by Jason Kitcat

Project summary by the Electoral Commission [PDF]

My Election

The site: http://www.myelection.co.uk/swindon

Project partners: Swindon Borough Council, Delib

Report: Article on the site for Arena magazine [PDF]
by Alan Winchcombe, Swindon Borough Council