e-voting links

Below I have collected a pile of links in no particular order. See my blog’s e-voting and e-democracy archives for even more links about electronic voting. If you want to learn about the pros and cons of electronic voting in a structured resource along with piles of links then please visit the LEARN section.

Working to stop e-voting around Europe:-

The European e-voting email list where European activists co-ordinate and share information.

The campaign to stop e-voting in France

Belgium already has e-voting, this site is by those trying to stop it

English page of the Dutch campaign against e-voting

Irish Citizens for Trustworthy Voting
Campaign to stop the use of e-voting in the Republic of Ireland.

Other e-voting links:

Homepage for the film “Hacking Democracy”
An excellent documentary about e-voting.

Douglas W. Jones on the 2004 draft CoE e-voting standard
Detailed critique of the Council of Europe’s draft e-voting standard

Vote of No Confidence” [1989] and Votescam 2000 [2000]
Jonathan Vankin’s articles highlighting the problems with voting machines and their suppliers in 1989 and in 2000. It just shows these problems shouldn’t be taking us by surprise.

Report on Pima County Electronic Vote Counting Procedures and

Excellent report by Pima County Democratic Party Committee on Electronic and Computerized Vote Counting Procedures and Safeguards.

Quite advanced free/libre e-voting system. Security is questionable due to
the use of applets in browsers with no code checking but good to see the community at work!

Electronic Vote and Democracy
A site run to allow English and Italian speakers voice their opinions for and against electronic voting.

FIPR e-Democracy Section
So far FIPR have been focussing on the dangers of electronic voting, good people to know!

What if the “Secret Computer” crashes?

Interesting discussion of the problems already experienced with an electronic voting system for ice skating judges. Once again people implemented this without referring to what the experts think about it – do you build a house without talking to an architect? No, so why do it with IT systems? Talk to people who know about security and voting before plunging in!

Black Box Voting
This site has grown into the heavy-weight source of e-voting activism in the US. Nobody can doubt the huge impact Bev Harris and others have had through their work. Great site if you put the effort in.

The Bell
Industry Newsletter [currently dormant] – Jason is on the Editorial Board

Internet Voting Technology Alliance, instigated by SafeVote to create an IETF-type standards organisation. Hasn’t been particularly active.

The grand-daddy of all Free Software projects, of which GNU.FREE became a part. Truest to the Free Software philosophy.

Rebecca Mercuri’s E-voting page
Generally an unmoveable sceptic of electronic voting but she offers some excellent and though-provoking questions on here site.

The big daddy of the new wave of Internet Voting companies. They do not disclose any meaningful information about how their system works. They launched just at the right time to beat the downturn and buy several old-school voting services companies.
(Now Accenture e-democracy services and Election Services Corporation

SERVE Security Report
The key dissenting report by Avi Rubin, Barbara Simons and others which resulted in the US military freezing their remote e-voting programme.

Lorrie Faith Cranor

THE page for Internet Voting links, Lorrie has also done
work on an voting system herself.

Source of some interesting reports. Keen advocates of using a ‘frog’ to improve election auditability/verifiability.

DD Meeting Place
Direct Democracy resource including semi-Wiki type contributions system.

Democracy Online
Weblog and other resources on online democracy.