notes from JK

Life Will Never Be The Same Again

We're in the waiting room called “Life Will Never Be The Same Again” as everyone tells me when they hear that our first child is due any day now… You know what? I understand that I can't possibly understand how different things will be. I'm comfortable with that and don't need to be told that it “Will… Never… Be…. The… Same… Again…” Thanks.

In the meantime we've been doing something which is apparently rather common among the expectant. We've been tidying. More specifically I've been getting a disproportionate amount of pleasure from finishing off, chucking out and giving away all those little things – pots of dried herbs, ancient after-shaves, prehistoric bottles of bleach – you name it.

I knew I was in trouble when I got excited about cleaning a cupboard and wiping the shelves. Shampoo samples have been used, shower gels finished and old razors chucked. Having less stuff is brilliant, it's easier to find things and you have more space. It's so liberating – really you need to try it.