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My other writings cover a broad range of topics from e-government to environmental and cultural issues.


  • Open Source ID cards? [PDF] [LinuxUser] (2004)
    Examines the path the UK has taken towards introducing ID cards and how open source approaches could result in an improved, more citizen-centric system. Includes case studies from abroad.
  • Gateway to failure [PDF] [LinuxUser] (2001)

    An article examining the tortured development and launch of the UK Government’s gateway.

Postal Voting

Free Software & Open Source

Freedom of Information Requests

On April 17th 2001 I filed a Freedom of Information Request to the Office of the e-Envoy, UK. This request asked for, among other things, ” all documents relating to the specification, deliberation and selection of Microsoft for the provision of the e-government platform known as the Government Gateway.” These caused a small media controversy at the time because the Gateway was excluding many browsers from using its services. Here are the documents received in response which addressed why Free Software and Open Source browsers were denied access to the Government Gateway…

Visit the Campaign for Freedom of Information for more on Freedom of Information issues in the UK.

the couch

A collaborative online project where people share personal stories in a highly designed environment.
thecouch.org (now archived on S3)

j-dom magazine

Originally j-dom was a bulletin board system (BBS) existing before the Internet, then it moved online and became a multi-award winning magazine over three major revisions. Visit the archive to view a wide range of articles, comments, advice and interviews.
j-dom archive on S3


A multi-threaded interactive story on the head-project site created in collaboration with artist Stefan Poirier.

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