LinuxUser Magazine Columns

From 2003 until 2007 I was a regular contributor to the excellent LinuxUser Magazine. The diversity of topics covered (from e-voting to Nanotechnology to open source cars) made it more like a replacement for the lamented Wired UK of old than a techie magazine.

For a year and a half (2005-2006) I was a regular columnist for the magazine. The columns I filed are archived below.

  • Column 1Open Source in Poland
  • Column 2Transport Direct, off with its head
  • Column 3Penguin Inside
  • Column 4Patents, licensing & FLOSS
  • Column 5The importance of standards in VOIP
  • Column 6Apple on Intel plus fake consumer electronics
  • Column 7Security in email
  • Column 8The downsides of technology
  • Column 9Web 2.0 services, a way out of open sourcing software?
  • Column 10Are basic computer courses supporting vendor lock-in?
  • Column 11Too many distributions are strangling Linux’s success
  • Column 12We need standards for gadget chargers
  • Column 13Making consistently great products is difficult
  • Column 14Ethically selling services around Open Source
  • Column 15We should approach Web 2.0 applications with caution
  • Column 16Terrible Linux-based web hosting is easy to find
  • Column 17Sharing software should be like sharing recipes