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Why I’m wearing a white poppy this November

This November I’m wearing a white poppy on my coat lapel. It’s from the Peace Pledge Union, a fascinating organisation which dates from 1934.

For me the white poppy acknowledges the loss and suffering of so many in conflicts from all sides: Soldiers, spies, resistance fighters, prisoners, wives, children. Yes, our armed forces have sacrificed enormously – but why should injured soldiers and widows depend on charity from the Royal British Legion for their care? Government sends them into danger, government should give them the care they deserve.

The white poppy is also pledging to find peaceful ways to resolve conflicts. Much more time and energy needs to go into developing non-violent ways of ending conflict. Too many people have died in conflict, yet nations seem content to pour billions into arms and scant pennies into the alternatives.

Read more and buy white poppies on the PPU site.