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Baby Life – the first five weeks

Ella Izabela Kitcat

At 1.03am on Sunday 19th March our little baby girl, Ella Izabela Kitcat, was born. We'd planned a home birth but we ended up in the hospital. It wasn't the cosy experience we wanted but mum is totally ok and we now have a beautiful, big healthy girl.

First up, it's true true true, sleep does seem like a very distant memory. But the joy and laughter she brings is just boundless – the effort that goes into caring for Ella diminishes into nothingness with every grin, gurgle and squeak. She's just so adorable.

Some tips for others about to embark on their journey into baby life. You get inundated with so many product samples, brochures and coupons around this time it can get overwhelming. Here are three pointers:

Mea culpa I thought baby wipes were a dumb marketing ploy to squeeze more cash out of parents. But I take it all back – baby wipes save the day with every nappy change. We use the wonderful unscented bio wipes from Nature boy & girl which are sold in Boots.

What I was right on with was that Dr Harvey Karp's Baby Bliss: Your One-Stop Guide for the First Three Months and Beyond was a life-saver for us. It's simple, easy-to-follow advice based on what cultures around the world have been doing for hundreds of years. If you have a baby under 6 months check it out now, it all works.

Finally we tried the whole gamut of nappies for newborns. The big brands didn't really work that well for Ella. Also we weren't happy with the bleach, perfumes and other chemicals in those brands. As I expected, we ended up with an ecological, biodegradable brand, the Moltex Oko. It peforms better than the other brands, is bleach and other chemicals free and really good value when bought online.

That's it for now. I promise not to bombard people with kiddie stuff… Instead for more great parenting advice visit Netmums

Ella Izabela Kitcat