Not a good time to buy home entertainment kit

Phillips Cineos In the last twelve months I've nearly bought a new TV, two different digital video recorders, a Freeview box and a cable TV setup. I say nearly because in the final analysis I always worried that the kit would become obsolete rather too quickly.

We're in an industry crossfire of change – new standards and new ideas are bursting from every angle…

  • The upgrade to High Definition (HD) format TV.
  • The shift to widescreen TVs (which ratio?).
  • The switch in the UK from analogue to digital TV.
  • The Blu-ray vs HD DVD format battle.
  • The start of the Internet becoming a serious delivery medium for video entertainment (e.g. iTunes)
  • The very gradual emergence of viable media PCs suitable for living room usage (instead of dedicated boxes like TiVo).

All this to say… I'm going to keep waiting until the dust settles. There's tons of innovation going on but also plenty of opportunity to get stuck in one of many technological dead ends.