Please sir, Mr Jobs, two things only…

I only have two things to ask of Mr Jobs for August. This developer conference I would like you to unveil, with a flourish, if you please…

  1. Some really galactic improvements to iChat. I'm sick and tired of running Skype and Adium (connected to MSN and AOL/ICQ/.Mac). Give me some cross-network compatibility and some good 'ol calling facilities so I can dial people's real phone numbers. Then I can chuck Skype with its kludgy heavy interface, 1980s style walled garden and closed interface.

  2. A nice little refresh of the MacBook Pro – nothing huge, just some additional processor oomph and fixes for those Rev A niggles. Then I'll bite.

Thank you.

PS. I know lots of people are whining about iPod updates, but I'm real happy with my old one. You know until we can actually download TV shows from the UK iTunes store you're not going to sell me a video iPod.