notes from JK

Thank you for voting Green

We won. Thank you.

It's an incredible testament to the hard work of party activists and the trust of Regency residents that not only did we win but that we increased our vote share when compared to the election in May. This bodes extremely well for Caroline Lucas' chances of being elected at the next General Election.

The big disappointment of election night was turnout which was about 23%. Given the amount of leafleting and canvassing that went on, I wonder how many people were turned off from voting by the appalling tone some took, particularly the Labour party. I'm also sure that given the low amount of media coverage many just didn't realise it was election day – this is the perennial challenge of a by-election, particularly in winter.

I recognise that despite a convincing win there are large numbers of residents who didn't vote for me and even more who didn't vote at all – still I will work hard to representing them all as best I can.

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!