notes from JK

Green, a positive vote

Jason by the Peace Statue

At hustings the other night I was struck how the other candidates didn’t even try to explain what their parties stood for. What do the grey parties believe in these days? Not even the Tories are sure of themselves anymore.

As a Green Party candidate I was able to explain that our party stands for peace, social justice, equality and respect for the environment. A clear set of values which we apply to everything we do as candidates or elected representatives and when developing policy.

In the final day before polls open, with the sun shining on a chilly Brighton, I feel proud of the campaign we’ve run. Voting Green is such a positive statement of wanting a better city and greater respect for the environment, but also showing support for a group of people who are genuinely trying to forge a new form of politics whilst remaining electorally successful.

We’re not giving up on politics or disconnecting from society – those are the easy options – Green Party members are trying to participate in our political society with fresh approaches whilst holding themselves to higher standards.

Whatever the result tomorrow, nobody can deny the need for new ways of doing politics. I hope the voters of Regency will re-confirm their May result by voting Green again.