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Taxing times…

It's sad to hear the grey parties bleating about who stole who's policy first. Ideas are free, it's putting them into practice that's difficult. The Green Party have also had our fair share of good ideas slip into other parties' manifestos but when it comes to implementing real change that responds to the challenges we face the other parties offer nothing but hot air – and more pollution, more roads and bigger airports.

The current spat over tax reforms strikes me as extraordinary for being so tame. Yes, rising house prices are making inherentance tax increasingly unfair and punitive. But we're not hearing principled debate over the fundamentals of our tax and benefits system. We arguging over thresholds for inheritance tax and how raised thresholds might be funded.

Of course adjusting our tax system to remain fair amidst the changes caused by spiralling house prices is reasonable – but wouldn't it have been better to deal with the causes of house price inflation much earlier than be forced into these changes now?

Green Party policy has radically rethought the basis of our economy with the aim of supporting a sustainable (in all senses) economy with simple measures. A plethora of credits, benefits and allowances would be replaced with one citizens' income whilst taxes would be focused on eliminating carbon from our economy. Simple, effective and costed.

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