Conference Roundup

William Heath, Jason Kitcat, Jonathon Djanogly at ORG Conservative Fringe I was delighted and relieved that agreement was nearly unanimous at the Open Rights Group's party conference fringe events. Attendees did not want to see e-voting and e-counting in British elections and were vocal in expressing their views.

I'd never done all three party conferences in one season before, truly a fascinating but exhausting experience. The events were hugely enjoyable to participate in and we were delighted by the thoughtful contributions our guest speakers and audiences made. You can listen to all the events on the ORG website.

Thanks to these events we've networked with politicians and agents from across the political spectrum. We've also significantly raised the level awareness on the severity of the risk e-voting and e-counting present electoral systems.

Now we wait for the government's response to the Electoral Commission's evaluations…