Links: 27-04-2007

  • In Parliament – Prentice challenged on vote security
    Again and again MPs ask questions about electoral integrity only to be rebuffed by Bridget Prentice.
  • AEA Chief Exec expresses fears over signature checks
    John Turner, Chief Executive of the Association of Electoral Administrators, seems like a very sensible guy when we’ve spoken briefly in the past. In this Kable article his quotes are spot-on about the rushed signature checking system for May 3rd’s postal votes.
  • Software project aims to erase e-voting fog
    An article on Joe Kiniry’s work with open source e-voting systems. As Joe said at ORG’s February e-voting events, he’d rather vote with pencil and paper, but e-voting is a juicy problem worth working on and open source is the best way for academia to do it.