Links: 20-04-2007

  • Doubts raised over e-count system
    BBC Newsnight Scotland and News Online have provided the BBC’s best ever coverage of e-counting including interviews with Prof Doug Jones and Dr Rebecca Mercuri. See link in top-right of page for video. The piece includes the revelation that Neil Kinnock (the former Labour Party leader) is a non-exec director of DRS, the key e-counting supplier in Scotland. Furthermore David Cairns MP, a minister for the Scotland Office, said that the UK was not ready for voting without paper citing Ireland as an example of the problems that could bring.
  • SMS Texts to help citizens monitor Nigerian elections
    Factored in with a more conventional EU election observation mission, this is a great way to boost the amount of data collected concerning election irregulatories.
  • ORG Election Observer Handbook published
    I’m sure it’s not perfect yet but we’re still very happy to share our Election Observer Handbook which will guide the Open Rights Group observer teams watching this May’s elections.
  • Hackers Invited to Break Into Philippine Internet Voting System
    Scytl are busy not only running e-voting in upcoming UK pilots but in the Philippines come July 10th. The report is a bit tragic as an election commissioner is obviously impressed by Scytl’s holding a patent – if only they knew the problems with software patents. Inviting hackers to attack a system proves very little indeed: Smart hackers wouldn’t be detected or even attempt penetration during a test, also how do we know Scytl would admit being hacked even if they did detect it? And so on…