ORG/FIPR week of e-voting draws to a close

Thursday was an incredibly busy day as e-voting experts from around the world gathered to discuss the growth of e-voting systems.

Harri Hursti delivered a wonderful extemporaneous presentation on the vulnerabilities he'd demonstrated in US e-voting systems. Of particular interest to me were his experiments with printing optical scan ballots which could undetectably modify the result counted.

Every presentation was superb in fact – from France, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and United States. It was an incredible gathering of people who care passionately about the integrity of elections in their countries. They were inspiring lot even if the news they delivered was often deeply troubling.

I would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to everyone who came and the wonderful people at the Open Rights Group and the Foundation for Information Policy Research for helping this all happen with a budget extremely close to zero!

Soon slides, notes, audio and video from our week of events will be online on the ORG Website.