Links: 9-02-2007

  • Getting out the vote
    Wendy Grossman's column for this week covers some e-voting action in the US and our very own ORG/FIPR e-voting events from this past week.

  • Would you trust me to vote for you?
    David Chisnall writes about how e-voting shifts trust to the few with technical skills, and even then it's an uncertain thing.

  • Florida to Shift Voting System With Paper Trail
    Confirmation that Florida's new Republic Governor… yes Republican, is getting rid of the state's touchscreen systems. This isn't a party political issue, all parties and all viewpoints are affected by election processes open to fraud and error. (via John Pugh)

  • Voting 2.0: Will your e-vote count?
    If you ignore the hyperbole of the opening paragraphs this is a very well researched article on the US e-voting 'situation'. The article covers a lot of ground and reminded me of how damning the 2005 General Accounting Office report had been. (via ORG)