Links: 14-11-2004

  • ABC News How does a candidate get 0 votes when he voted for himself? Electronic voting!
    Small town USA: Randy Wooten stands to be mayor of his town proudly voting for himself on election day. But according to the e-voting system, of 80 people in the town, none voting for Randy. Oops.

  • UK-wide E-voting after 2008 – pilots pre-judged again
    I just came across the Department for Constitutional Affair's strategy document for 2004-2009. According to the timetable on page 66 (Chapter 4), they plan a Multi-channel elections Bill for 07/08 and 'e-enabled' general election after 2008. So rather than wait to see what pilots say, they're already planning to roll out e-voting. Why pilot if you already know the answer?

  • Wired News Election '08: Vote by TiVo
    Jim Adler, head of VoteHere, is a guy I respect, but when he says that for e-voting “the technology is done” I have to wonder. Fortunately a Professor David Wagner (who I haven't come across before) provides some excellent common-sense quotes. Not a bad article with some info on past UK pilots, but not particularly rigourous.