Links: 10-11-2006 US mid-terms

“The fog of war” as David Dill calls it, is yet to lift from the US elections. The Republican's surprising concession in Virginia robs us of a detailed examination of the electoral process. As the activists and researchers sift the problem reports more will become clear.

  • 18,000 votes not counted in election for a Florida US House race
    The one fairly firm report is of huge undervotes (votes not being recorded) in the Florida race to replace Katherine Harris' seat in Congress. Yes, THE K. Harris who as the Republican Florida Secretary of State played a notorious role in the Florida 2000 election count debacle. She lost her bid to become a Senator and her Republican replacement is trying to claim his House victory with only a 368 vote margin. But with 18,382 there's some investigation that needs to be done as to what happened, fingers are pointing at the touchscreen machines.

  • Avi Rubin's Day at the Poll as a poll-worker (Maryland)
    It's becoming something of a tradition for Avi and, as usual, his blog post makes interesting reading.

  • Joseph Hall's Day at the Poll as a poll inspector (California)
    Jo's grant director is Avi, so he unsurprisingly volunteered also. Another interesting read with good detail on how the election went with an optical scanner, DRE machine and paper ballots.