Links: 5-11-2006

  • The Polling Place Photo Project
    Go to your polling place (in the USA) and take pictures of what voters experience. Upload it to the project site and you have a citizen-run project for documenting the US election system brilliant! It's kind of like a Flickr just for elections stuff. AIGA, the professional association for design, have launched this project which is nothing short of a super idea.

  • Nedap Elections Systems
    This Dutch company makes the voting machines at the centre of controversy in The Netherlands and Ireland. The tone they use on this page is nothing short of incredible when compared with the double-speak and denials US vendors like Diebold use. For example “Is manipulation possible with the Nedap voting machine? Everything can be manipulated.” They also link to the group who found the flaws in the system. Very commendable.

  • A Halloween cartoon about e-voting, with a personal message
    The Verified Voting Foundation reprinted an amusing “Foxtrot” cartoon about e-voting and Halloween. The penultimate panel strikes rather close to home: “Jason, most people don't care about this stuff.” How did they know it was me?!?!