Links: 1-11-2006

It's getting so heated in the US that my usual low-key coverage of US issues is getting a touch more frenetic too.

  • Wired News: Ohio Election Portends Trouble
    Reports released on problems experienced by an Ohio county for a May 2006 election highlight the huge problems possible in technologised elections. A key finding was that auditing the election proved to be very difficult to actually do. Reported by the excellent Kim Zetter.

  • Voting Machines ProCon
    An excellent site which tries, in as balanced a manner possible, to present the argues for and against voting machines. A great resource and the NGO behind, it have put out some other excellent ProCon sites too.

  • CNET Does e-voting need paper trails
    Fairly good article on the fight for a paper trail

  • Time Magazine: Can This Machine Be Trusted?
    A solid but not quite excellent piece on e-voting troubles.