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Blackmail over Turkey

Watching the lunch time news I had the feeling of being blackmailed by those pushing hard for Turkish membership… The core of their argument was that if the talks weren't allowed to continue then a 'clash of civilisations' would occur so basically Islamic extremists will continue to harry us. er what?

  • Turkey's being a member or not is going to have little or no impact on Islamic terrorism.
  • How on earth the EU can accept Turkey with Cyprus unresolved, no constitution in place and uncertainty over future adoption of the Euro?
  • As the opinion poll shows (taken from the BBC) most Europeans are not in favour of the Turks joining. On what democratic basis can these talks be pushed ahead?

Turkey opinion poll

It was the Austrians and Poles who defeated the Turks at Vienna – I find it extraordinary to see history sort of repeating itself. I understand it's a very difficult time for Turkey politically, and from their perspective they would be mad to accept negotiations for 2nd class citizenship in the Union. Still the EU doesn't know what it is at the moment so Turks should not be so willing to jump into the mess. Of course the EU has been behaving like an inexperienced girl, surprised to see a man expect more when she has been teasing him for years. Turkey has tired of the flirting and wants more, but us Europeans had no intention of giving any more…