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Recognising the Polish contribution to WWII

After having read “For Your Freedom and Ours” I'm passionate about righting the fairly comprehensive ignorance there is concerning the huge parts the Polish air force, army, navy and incredible resistance (the Home Army) played in the second world war.

I've been sitting on these links for a while… I stumbled upon them whilst looking up something about e-voting but I'm pleased to see two excellent speeches by John Prescott concerning the Polish. I doubt he wrote them but still…

More people outside Poland should know how much you contributed to the fight against Fascism.

And today I want to remember my own, personal debt of honour to a man called Paul, a Polish refugee who lived with my family during the War.

He fled from the Nazi occupation, and fought with the Allies for the freedom of Poland and the freedom of Britain.

I hope that today we have finally begun to properly record the contribution of thousands of people like Paul, who made such a huge impact on the Allied war effort.

Today, we pay tribute to the remarkable bravery of the citizens of Poland whose spirit was never broken.

The speeches can be found here and here