‘Open Source’ e-voting in the Netherlands

I'm still catching up on email – horrible how it builds up when you don't have a decent Internet connection.

A few weeks back now The Register reported on how the Dutch have open sourced their e-voting system. To be precise this isn't the code for the Powervote/Nedap kiosks, this is the code developed by LogicaCMG for the KOA remote e-voting project for expats. However as Wolter Pieters says on his excellent page about Dutch e-voting only source not proprietary to LogicaCMG has been published. So you cannot compile and run what has been released.

A report in KableNET contradicts this, quoting an officials as saying “The complete software is available.” But the Kable article is confused over whether this is the software to run the Nedap kiosks or for the KOA remote project.

Either way, it is a good step to publish some of the code, but in terms of verification partial publication is nowhere nearly enough. It's great that the Dutch government forced this much code to go online but we also need measures to track how this code is used on election day. How can we be sure that the source published is that used?

Updated 3/7/04 with link + comment on KableNET story]