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Positive words on Open Source in e-gov

As I begin to catch up with things after having moved (apologies for the lack of posts) the two links at the top of the pile are:

  • SOCITM, the professional association for IT manager in government, has released a helpful comment to the UK Government's consultation on its Open Source policy (via egovmonitor). In essence the response asks – why not use Open Source more aggressively, it's cheap and it works? The submission reminds the government to focus on total cost of ownership instead of just up-front costs. Also they insist that all publicly funded software should be Open Source, too right!

  • KableNET reports that the French government wants to dramatically reduce their software licensing costs through the use of Open Source. 900,000 licenses are up for re-negotiation so this is probably more the opening salvo in the bargaining with Microsoft, but who knows?