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Open letter to Labour councillors

We sent this to Labour councillors:

Dear Labour colleagues

In the coming weeks we will be immersed in debating proposals for the next two years’ worth of council budgets. This will be incredibly challenging as the coalition government is forcing massive cuts on our council. The council will have to reduce its spending by about £20m this year and £17m next year.

The local Conservative party clearly support the cuts being imposed by the coalition government. They would like us to cut an additional £5.4m in services over two years to pay for a one-off council tax freeze.

Greens believe in protecting public services. What does Labour believe? We call on Labour Councillors to work constructively with us to set a budget which protects services and refutes Tory policies.

Residents, staff and service users need a clear, orderly budget process in these difficult times. Will Labour Councillors put tribal party politics to one side and work with Greens to protect vital public services, especially for the most vulnerable in our city?

Yours sincerely
The Green Group of Councillors
Brighton & Hove City Council

2 replies on “Open letter to Labour councillors”

Jason – you are asking the Labour group to work contructively with the Greens – is your previous blog about Labour ‘lies’ an example of this contructive approach?

Thanks for your comment Martin.

We’re all grown-ups here. If I see Labour putting out blatant untruths then I will call them out on it. That shouldn’t stop us working together where we have common ground. We tried last year and got some good joint amendments into the budget process.

My worry is that Labour locally are edging more to the right, having now come out and said they don’t support using council tax to offset the Tory government’s cuts. I’m keen to understand what their position is. I know all Green councillors want to understand Labour’s position on the cuts as it hasn’t been clear at all.

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