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Response from Sainsbury’s solicitor

So I have today received a reply to my letter querying Sainsbury’s licensing policy with regards to their ‘Local’ stores. It clears up the impression that there Sainsbury’s policies which differed to how their competitors in the ‘local’ supermarket arena promote alcohol. They all advertise it and place it prominently:

To: Jason Kitcat

RE: Query on Sainsbury’s licensing policy

14 January 2011 16:05:51 GMT

Dear Cllr Kitcat,

Many thanks for your email dated 10th January.

When I spoke at the hearing on 21st December I did say that Sainsbury’s Locals do not display alcohol in the shelving immediately by the entrance to the store and that they do not display posters on their exterior to promote alcohol-related deals. I was genuinely under the impression that this was the case.

I now accept that at some locations there will be alcohol displayed close to the store entrance and there may be external advertising of alcohol promotions. I will be writing to each of the Councillors who sat at the hearing to explain the position.

There was no intention to mislead the Committee or other parties to this matter and I apologise for any confusion.



Robert Botkai


One reply on “Response from Sainsbury’s solicitor”

too late, you already misslead them in the hearing, so keep to your word, remove all alcohol that can be seen from the door..

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