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The Old Royal Alex site: A letter to Taylor Wimpey

This evening my colleague Sven Rufus and I sent this message to Taylor Wimpey. We’ve spent too long trying to get Taylor Wimpey to engage constructively with the community and the council’s adopted planning brief for the old Royal Alex site. They haven’t taken on board a single word we’ve said.

To: David Brown – Land and Planning Director
Taylor Wimpey South West Thames

Dear David Brown

Thank you for the invitation to participate in another meeting with you and your colleagues at Taylor Wimpey.

We have met and corresponded with you, your colleagues and contractors on many occasions in the hope of finding a positive way forward for the site of the old Royal Alexandra Children’s hospital. However these discussions have never led anywhere, you consistently have refused to take on board any of our suggestions to engage with the community or prepare plans centred on sympathetic conversion of the key buildings.

The planning brief is the preferred option for the council and the community. It is very clear in its requirements. We still hope you will offer an application that meets them.

Until then, we will see you at the Planning Committee meetings, and if necessary any further appeals you decide to lodge.

Cllr Jason Kitcat & Cllr Sven Rufus
Green City Councillors for Regency Ward, Brighton & Hove City Council

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