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What about the policies?

The last few months have been instructive as we’ve seen both local Tory and Labour activists engage in negative, personal attacks on the Green candidate for Brighton Pavilion, Caroline Lucas.

Sadly this is nothing new, I was subject to personal attacks when campaigning to win the Regency by-election in 2007. In both cases the salient fact is that the other parties don’t seem able or willing to engage with Greens on issues of policy – which is what I suspect voters would rather see us debating.

The personal attacks seem to come out when they recognise the Greens as a serious threat to their electoral cartel. Back in 2007 we were best placed to win, and we did — hence it will be my honour and duty to attend this afternoon’s full council meeting.

Again in 2010 Greens are tipped to be in a position to win Brighton Pavilion at the General Election. I know Caroline Lucas will serve my constituents with energy and passion, as she has done for 10 years as our MEP.

To win voters over we’ll stay focussed on issues, policies and good old fashioned hard work. We’ll ignore the attacks – they’re a sign of policy weakness in my view – but we’ll rebut any falsehoods with vigour.

2 replies on “What about the policies?”

Cllr Kitcat,

It would be useful if you could cite some examples of the intolerable torrent of personal abuse that poor old Dr Lucas has suffered from Labour and Tory folk these past few months.

Without them, your claims lack credibility. Otherwise I enjoyed this post a lot.

Hi Dan

Well when the Council webcast goes live, you’ll see that last night’s council meeting included many references to only one of the city’s parliamentary candidates – Caroline Lucas – by the other parties. They didn’t mention their own candidates at all.

I won’t be linking to any other examples – they don’t deserve the oxygen of publicity.

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