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Brighton Primark Protest

This morning I had an early start to get out to Crown Street in Regency ward. I was joining residents who live around the large Brighton Primark on Western Road. For nearly two years their life has been blighted by deliveries through their small residential cul-de-sacs. Whilst most other businesses on Western Road take deliveries through loading bays at the front of their stores, Primark insist on using these side roads causing noise, vibrations and congestion.

Primark’s management have refused to enter into dialogue with residents or councillors. We’d had enough so decided to blockade their 8am Saturday morning product delivery. We hope to raise the profile of these issues ahead of a planning application from Primark being decided by the council’s planning committee this Wednesday 25th November, which includes delivery issues. We’re asking for a condition forcing Primark to take deliveries from the front like everyone else. Please lobby your councillors using WriteToThem.

See how our protest went:

A short report from BBC South East:

Some pictures of the protest by local resident Jane Dallaway are now on Flickr.

5 replies on “Brighton Primark Protest”

Excellent protest on a fantastic issue – I can sympathise as I once lived across the road from a reasonably busy car park but can’t imagine how I’d feel with an 8am delivery van waking me up every saturday and throughout the day…keep going!

i always thought primark were dirty, now its true- they take it round the back..

btw, didnt same happen with C&A, when they were there?

Whether they are in contravention is itself a matter of debate, which is why a new application is going to committee this Wednesday to resolve inconsistencies between the original application and the Planning Inspector’s findings at appeal.

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