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Norwegian Greens: Excluded from public TV

From Jarle Fagerheim:

Dear Green friends,

We’re having a general election in Norway on September 14, and the Green
party is doing better than ever. Our membership has more than tripled
since last time (2005), the number of visitors to our website is
skyrocketing, and a marvellous team of 8 people are now working
round-the-clock at the Oslo office (last year at this time, it was me

The last major hurdle to a Green breakthrough is getting coverage on
national television. The National Broadcasting Corporation has decided
to exclude us completely, there is no such thing as “party political
broadcasts”, paid TV adverts are prohibited by law. Our Minister of
Church and Culture Affairs, Trond Giske, earlier this year promised that
even the non-parliamentary parties were to be given a minimum of
coverage on public television during the campaign. Well, the campaign is
now in its final stages, and nothing is happening.

So I kindly ask you to visit and send a
message to Minister Giske urging him to take action. If we can
demonstrate a substantial amount of support from fellow Greens all over
the world, we might be able to get some very good media coverage during
these last three weeks of campaigning.

Please forward this as widely as possible!

Jarle Fagerheim
head of office
Green Party of Norway