notes from JK

Reflections on Michael Jackson

Back in September 2005 I was in Canada for a cousin’s wedding. I had been married about 3 months, my new wife was expecting our first child and we were driving around Quebec and Ontario to meet family while sight seeing.

The local radio was mind numbingly poor, far too smooth the whole time. So we stopped at an HMV to buy a CD. We decided on a Jackson compilation. The clerk gave me ‘deeply uncool’ look, clearly displeased with our choice.

This double CD of Jackson 5, the Jacksons and just MIchael was played non-stop for hundreds of miles, it went the distance.

We found it the other day and it’s seeing heavy play again. I refuse to judge Jackson’s private life, I have no idea what of we know about it is true anyway! What I do know is that he was extremely generous, holding a Guiness record for most charities supported by a pop star.

The man was an extraordinary dancer, talented songwriter and gifted singer. But above all he was so breathtakingly in the moment when he performed – he totally embodied his performances. That’s something I deeply admire. RIP.