notes from JK

Discussing maternity care on Radio Reverb

I was delighted to be invited onto Radio Reverb’s “The Tea Room” programme this past Wednesday to discuss maternity care. Since my daughter was born three years ago I’ve had a strong interest in maternity services, I read a huge amount around the subject in the run up to her birth.

Now being on the Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee I get the opportunity to take this interest a bit further, and a recent report on services to the committee made for interesting reading. I press released the finding that 94% of women weren’t being cared for in labour by a midwife they had previously met, an experience we too had. Continuity of care is so important so I hope the proposed changes to remedy this situation come forward soon.

You can listen to my section of “The Tea Room” online here. (29MB MP4 file)

Radio Reverb is a wonderful community resource so do listen in. Thanks to Tea Room presenter Jo Rickhards for the invitation to participate.