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Links 17-02-09

Two posts from one of my favourite blogs, John Naughton's Memex 1.1:

  • What if Harry Markopolos had had a blog
    Fascinating discussion on Harry Markopolos, an investor who in May 1999 submitted the results of his personal investigations into Bernard Madoff to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Markopolos identified that Madoff was running a Ponzi scheme and pointed out many of the 'red flags' only now emerging in the media — we was spot on a decade ago. Naughton explores whether Madoff would have been outed earlier if Markopolos had blogged his findings, and concludes that he probably would have been shut down by expensive lawyers before any damage to the Madoff empire could be done. Maybe, but Markopolos could have caused a fuss as they took him down which might have leaked out.

  • Steve Ballmer's speech to Democrats
    Like John Naughton I'm not a big Microsoft fan either but the text of MS CEO Steve Ballmer's speech is definitely worth a read. Some very interesting threads there especially on Microsoft's dedicated avoidance of debt. Amen to that.