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MP expenses – don’t let them hide

MySociety are leading the way on waging a campaign to prevent ministers from blocking the full release of MPs' expenses. And quite right too, in an appalling move the Labour government announced an order the day of the Heathrow runway announcement. Only a week later, it is being voted on this Thursday, 22nd January.

The order will prevent MPs' expenses being fully released to the public as ordered by the High Court last year. This is an outrage, MPs work for us not for themselves and should be leading the way in how open government can be. It's just so disappointing that when politicians at all levels are being held in such incredibly low regard they go and do this.

So many people think politicians are riding the gravy train, they are cynical and jaded about politicians and the political process. I think there are many politicians of all parties (in fact I would venture that it's probably the majority) who work incredibly hard for less pay than they would have had in the private sector.

How dare ministers let those hard working politicians down, who sacrifice family time to stand up for their constituents and the values they believe in! I'm furious… every self-interested, short sighted action like this only furthers the negative image of politicians.

Anyway it's not too late to save MPs from themselves and our disdain: * Write to your MP via WriteToThem asking them vote against this order telling them their vote will be noted on until the next election. * Join this Facebook group and ask your friends to as well. * Spread the word, write to your local paper, blog the campaign, twitter – all that stuff!

More info on the MySociety Blog and TheyWorkForYou.