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Greening the clothing industry

CO2 emissions from producing nylon knickers

“Pants Exposed” or “More than pretty knickers” is a new campaign highlighting the environmental and social impacts of buying clothes. Focussing on lingerie as an eye-catching (or should I say 'cheeky') conversation-starter the campaign shouts about cotton production's high pesticide and water use, nylon's dependence on oil and carbon emissions and the dismal pay of the people making the items.

It's a well produced, focussed and effective campaign from those running responsible clothing firms. Clothing is a gigantic business and as 2009 has already seen further accusations of Primark's use of cheap labour, the fairtrade eco message is so timely and welcome. I find it disappointing that ecologically and socially responsible clothing is still nowhere near as mainstream as organic and fairtrade foods have become in the UK. Perhaps 2009 is the year?