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Overdue Links 20-11-08

Too many things, too little time… apologies for the slow rate of posting recently. I have lots of blog post ideas, just no time to do them justice, I have been Twittering though. Here are some links I've been sitting on for ages which are still well worth a read:

  • If They're Too Big To Fail, They're Too Big Period
    Robert Reich makes the point I've been continuously making to anyone who's interested… Merging huge companies into bigger ones makes no sense if they're all “too big to fail”. It only makes the problems much bigger and much worse. There should be consequences to errors and boundless greed. His blog is packed with excellent comment on US fiscal policy.

  • My farewell plea to MPs: defend liberty
    Simon Jenkins' valedictory column for the Sunday Times was an absolute corker, ripping through the heart of this government's ever more intrusive surveillance plans. He finishes by attacking the spinelessness of elected representatives in the UK when compared to judges, peers or even journalists. I agree, which is why Greens so urgently need to get into Parliament. For example I've been speaking out on issues like ID cards and privatisation of the NHS in the face of silence from the other parties.

  • Food waste on a staggering scale
    This dates back to May but still shocks me… The average UK household throws away 18% of all food bought, families with children throw away 27%. 60% of food thrown away is 'untouched' (which I assume means unopened or unused). We urgently need to change people's attitudes to food, to understand that it is precious but also so that anything which does need disposal (e.g. peels, apple cores) gets composted and not burnt or stuck in landfill.