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Links: 17-06-08

Some overdue links for your delectation:

  • TheyWorkForYou, Video, tagging, crowd-sourcing… MySociety have another great new development and you can help improve it: Video on TheyWorkForYou

  • Dutch ban voting computers
    Old, but good news. In May the Dutch government ruled out using e-voting again, due to problems with eavesdropping, so they are reverting to paper ballots. I love this excerpt from The Register: The Ministry of Internal Affairs says that the development of safer voting computers has “insufficient added value over voting by paper and pencil”.

  • Brighton & Hove Dharma Yatras
    Scroll down to the very, very bottom to view pictures from a couple of silent peace walks for the Tibetan and Burmese peoples. I participated in a couple and found them very moving.