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5 Ideas to Save Money and Go Green

South Downs view

If the economic downturn is hitting your wallet here are some easy ways to save you significant sums of money each year whilst also reducing your environmental impact on the world.

  1. Stop buying bottled water

    Water that sits in plastic bottles for months whilst being shipped around the world is not only a huge source of carbon dioxide emissions, it’s also a waste of money. Bottled water has less checks on its purity and safety than British tap water. If you’re worried about chlorine or impurities in tap water just use a water filter. In bulk filters cost only £2-3 a month, as much as a bottle of fancy mineral water!

  2. No more washing powder and fabric conditioner

    Household laundry is one of those great invisible sources of consumption and cost. Your machine may be costing you significant amounts of water and electricity if it isn’t efficient. But what about the stuff you put in it? Cut your cost per wash down to 3p by using EcoBalls and if you must tumble dry then use DryerBalls for faster drying and softer clothes.

  3. Buy in bulk

    You can save loads of money and reduce packaging by buying in bulk. This goes for food or any consumable. For example, in Brighton & Hove, Green Party members run a bulk-buy scheme through Infinity Foods which saves us money whilst also generating donations for the party. Join Now

  4. Go Car-free

    Do you really, really need your car? Because if you don’t you can save a huge amount of money by going Car-free. Think of how much you spent on the car, then add insurance, tax disc, MOT and servicing every year PLUS petrol of course! For occasional use how about a car club (if there’s one in your area) or you can rent for as little as £30/day. If you really do need a car, try getting a smaller one or a hybrid. These will reduce not only your fuel bill but also your car tax as well as the car’s emissions.

  5. Treasure heat

    Whether it’s hot water or heating think about how to make best use of it. Don’t leave the hot water running in the kitchen sink whilst wiping surfaces. Wear a sweater or fleece inside so you don’t need to keep the heating up so high. Use draft excluders and other gadgets available at DIY stores to quickly and cheaply keep your home as warm as possible.

These five steps are straightforward but could save your thousands each year whilst also dramatically reducing your impact on the environment. How can you resist?