notes from JK

Saturday morning at Green Party spring conference

Woke up this morning confused as to why my alarm hadn’t rung. Then I realised the lights wouldn’t turn on, my phone and laptop weren’t fully charged either. Ah… no power. Stick my head out of the door… no power on the whole floor of the hotel (which is actually more accurately some rooms above a pub).

Hence the day starts with me late for a meeting, I descend to find all the doors at the front of the hotel locked and struggle for five mintutes before finding a way out.

After catching the rump of my first meeting I check my email and news feeds to discover that Amazon S3 – the distributed, reliable, storage service – has been down for over 2 hours. Bit worrying after having started using it in a production setting last week.

I move into the afternoon with trepidation… what next?