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A new kind of politics?

Obama walking

I've heard too many people promise 'a new kind of politics' too many times… it's a big promise which needs to overcome huge dollops of immutable human nature. Still, despite not winning the New Hampshire primary as hyped, Barack Obama does have a special kind of charisma. Obama is reaching people who haven't voted before, and regardless of his politics that is sometime worth studying.

It's difficult to get an accurate grip of a campaign over the pond, but Obama's website is deeply impressive. It's engaging, cleanly designed and very comprehensive. It addresses a wide variety of issues, groups of people and Obama's background with a depth and clarity that significantly outstrips the other Democratic candidates.

The US Green Party are also holding a healthy primary process but, as in previous years, the voting system for presidential elections tends to polarise voters at the expense of newer parties.

I would love to see if Obama can deliver on even a fraction of the potential he appears to show at the moment… but he may never get the chance if the Clinton revival continues apace.

Obama speaking