notes from JK

Championing Architecture

Jason in front of the old Royal Alex hospital

Regency Ward is incredibly rich in wonderful architecture, much of it protected. Indeed the old Royal Alex childrens' hospital is in a conservation area itself. Which was why the developers who bought the land it sits on need separate permission to demolish as well as permission to build.

The original plans submitted by the developers were ghastly and completely lacking in imagination. They were the same old recycled designs for blocky flats with the sweetener of a doctor's surgery. The drawings showed a total lack of respect for the surrounding area and no attempt whatsoever to reflect the unique history and character of the area. Frankly the plans added insult to the injury of their desire to flatten the old King Alex.

The south and east-facing facade of the main building, in particular, are full of character and history. These are the minimum the Green Party would want to see preserved from the existing building. Regency residents want to keep the building and its green space (currently hidden by horrible hoardings) – it's a familiar and well loved old character.

Thanks to the lobbying of residents working with Green councillors the developers were forced to withdraw their applications. Of course we expect them to submit again. If they once again show a lack of regard for the Regency's unique architectural character and want to flatten the building, we'll fight their every step.