Electoral Reform Society adds voice in opposition to e-voting

The Electoral Reform Society have for a long time failed to make a clear statement regarding their views on e-voting. In the past reports have mentioned some of the weaknesses inherent to e-voting but nothing definitive has ever been published by the ERS.

This has now changed as the ERS Council's latest report states:

Following a resolution at last year's AGM that was remitted to the Council, a policy paper on e-voting and e-counting was approved. The Council accepted that e-counting can have benefits, provided there are sufficient checks and safeguards, but that internet, text and telephone voting can, like postal voting, make elections more vulnerable to fraud.

The policy paper is due to appear on the ERS website soon. I warmly welcome the Society's willingness to add their voice to the consensus over e-voting's significant risks.

UPDATE: The policy paper is now online as a PDF.