Links: 6-04-2007

Monitoring Internet voting in Estonia (OSCE/ODIHR)
Monitoring Internet voting in Estonia (Source: OSCE/ODIHR)

  • This photo is from the OSCE/ODIHIR Elections homepage with the caption “Computers at the National Election Commission in Estonia monitor Internet voting traffic during the 2007 parliamentary elections. (OSCE/Henri Snyers)”. It nicely shows how difficult it is to do meaningful observation and scrutiny of an e-vote. The graphs are probably showing something like traffic at various routers or servers. One screen is also showing what looks like CCTV feeds from the data center. These are all ‘interesting’ but not able to provide any assurances about what is happening to the votes – are they recording accurately, is someone changing them, will they be counted correctly?

  • Observing Electronic Voting
    Kåre Vollan has written an excellent paper on observing e-voting which really clearly addresses the problems with e-voting and hence the challenges such technologies pose to observation missions.

  • Voters to receive electronic ballot info
    The Swindon Advertiser tells us about Swindon’s plans for this May’s pilots. They seem very excited about the notion of ‘electronic ballot papers’, in other words kiosks, so that voters can use any polling station in the town. In other words e-voting. (Thanks Glyn)